Old Football Programmes
  • Name: Nigel
  • Date of Birth: 3.1.77
  • Club you support: Liverpool
  • Town:
  • County:
  • Country: United Kingdom

Match Details:

  • Match Date:16/05/1988
  • Match:Liverpool vs Q.P.R
  • Match Type:Division One
  • Score:2-0
  • Stadium:Anfield

Nigel's Story

Back in the late 80s not to sure of the score but I remeber the away team was QPR we had stopped at the services with a few fans on the M6 and I can always remeber the blue & white strips. My friend Nigel and I were around 11 & 12 years old when we first visited anfield, my friends father's friend would take us to Anfield by car, he had been going for years and we were always welcome. He went off to the the pub before the match & me & Nigel would go streight to the ground as we had to makesure we got to stand a the front on the Kop behind the goal, on this day we went my friend had already got a ticket as he was given it from one of the blokes in the pub we both went upto the turnstile together he handed is ticket to the bloke on the doors and went streight in, I wasn't alound in that turnstile due to this being tickets only, I ran round to the next turnstile and that was shut & the next I was getting quite frighterned at this point due to being a very young girl, the turnstiles were all closed it was a sell out I couldn't get in so I went running back to the car on my own waiting for it to finish, a few secounds later Nigel comes running up & said that I could get In, he said follow me, so we ran back to the ground and we went into a door in the main stand Nigel had told a little white lie and said that I was his sister and the lady on the door told him to go and get me, we were lead to the kop around the hedge of the ground while the match was being played it was great, we looked up and could see the kop a light it was the best night of my life, I saved my £1.50 entery fee & spend it on a burger "as you do". We never managed to stand at the front but It was fantastic.