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Here is your chance to tell other football fans / fanatics about your favourite football match and why it meant so much to you or your friends / family. You could be a football player from past / present and would like to share with your fans why the games that you played in was special to you. So go on, share with the world you most kept secrets, until now.

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Match:Liverpool vs Newcastle United

Date: 06/03/2002
Match Type: Premership
Score: 3-0

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Match:Chester vs Leeds United

Date: 13/11/1974
Match Type: Football League Cup
Score: 3-0

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Match:Arsenal vs Chelsea

Date: 15/02/2004
Match Type: F.A. Cup 5th Round
Score: 2-1

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Match:Liverpool vs Q.P.R

Date: 16/05/1988
Match Type: Division One
Score: 2-0

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Match:Chelsea vs West Ham United

Date: 29/03/1988
Match Type: league
Score: 0-4

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Match:Derby County vs Crystal Palace

Date: 25/03/2006
Match Type: league
Score: 2-1

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Match:Anderlecht vs Tottenham Hotspurs

Date: 09/05/1984
Match Type: uefa cup final 1st leg
Score: 1-1

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Match:Fulham vs Ipswich Town

Date: 26/12/1962
Match Type: league
Score: 10-1

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Match:Newcastle United vs Sunderland

Date: 16/05/1990
Match Type: 1st div play off
Score: 0-2

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Match:Leicester City vs Nottingham Forest

Date: 12/12/1998
Match Type: premiership
Score: 3-1

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Match:Chelsea vs Aston Villa

Date: 26/12/2007
Match Type: Premier League
Score: 4-4

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Match:Bradford City vs Stockport County

Date: 11/09/1976
Match Type: fourth division
Score: 3-3

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Match:Northern Ireland vs Scotland

Date: 21/10/1967
Match Type: Home International
Score: 1 - 0

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Match:Hull City vs Bristol City

Date: 24/05/2008
Match Type: play off final
Score: 1-0

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Match:England vs Mexico

Date: 24/05/2010
Match Type: International Friendly
Score: 3-1

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