Old Football Programmes
  • Name: Faraaz Khan
  • Date of Birth: 27/11/1988
  • Club you support: Manchester United (Man Utd)
  • Town: London
  • County: Midddlesex
  • Country: United Kingdom

Match Details:

  • Match Date:26/12/2007
  • Match:Chelsea vs Aston Villa
  • Match Type:Premier League
  • Score:4-4
  • Stadium:Stamford Bridge

Faraaz Khan's Story

What a game this was, i was sittin in the box with my cousin and all the Chelsea fans and being a Man U fan i was supporting the Villa and my god, whenever the blues scored, it was maniac around me and when Villa scored, i was the only guy standing up and screaming. The game was so tense and with Chelsea winning with literally minutes to go, when Villa equilised, it was like the perfect Christmas present for me. That was the day i believed Man U would win the title, even if it did go down to the wire.