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About the team and the business

Thank you for clicking on our Football Memorabilia Website, the main reason this website was set up was for you the customer but what kick started this off was back in 2003 after winning on the national lottery through a syndicate and i was wondering what i could do with all the money i won and at the time i was at a friend house and he had a loft full of football programmes and we thought what a good idea to start a website and here today because of that thought, this website is a family based business and is run by the Team which is myself Frank, Leanora, Alexis And Eliza so there will always be somebody on hand to help you if you wanted to Purchase/Sell your Football Memorabilia/Sport Memorabilia, we also offer a valuation service if you just wanted get a idea on what your collection is worth and this can be done for a reasonable fee and we guarantee the prices quoted to you is the current market selling price so you never have to worry about smoke screens etc.

Here at Old Football Programmes we value every single customer no matter what your spend is with us and always go the extra mile to source Football Memorabilia/Sports Memorabilia if it is out of stock on our site so if it is out there to be bought we will get it for you, so why buy Football Memorabilia/Sports Memorabilia? Well i have featured in several major newspaper namely Mail On Sunday and The Times about Football Programmes and Football Memorabilia so why collect them? There are many reason why, firstly the fact is Sports Memorabilia items is a good investment and programme prices have risen year on year so if you purchased programmes in the 40`s for 3d (38p Today`s Money) the programme could be worth from £15.00 to hundreds of pounds each depending on the club you support and other factors and when you look at my website you will see the variations so if you were to invest that 38p in a bank at a average of 5% per year you would only of got £9.99 up to now 2014 which for some is good, but if you had bought 50 programmes in the 40`s you could be sitting on a fortune even at £30.00 each £1,500 so you would of gained overall in investing in Football Programmes, like i said to the national newspapers it better than buying gold, but most collectors collect Sport Memorabilia because they attended the event or that event they watch live or on Television or listened on a radio or it could be a simple as it was the date when you were born or even to read how things were in the olden days compared to now days e.g. advertising, whatever you reason is there is a reason for everyone to collect Sports Memorabilia and it is nice to see it not just the men getting involved we are finding an every larger amount of women are collecting too which on a personal point of view is great and is great for sports in general as it give more profile to women and is great to see.

So why not collect Sport Memorabilia there are many reasons to start your new hobby today and leave something for your loved ones to enjoy or to set them up in life and doesn't have to cost the earth too as like all investments thing can go down as well as up and situations change in peoples lives so always think carefully before making a new investment and start off small and should you decide to start collecting we will look forward to you joining our client base of many thousands of happy customers but as a small family business the customer is important to us and we always do our best to help you and keep you happy as this site is for you, the customer.