Old Football Programmes
  • Name: Ade Dawkes
  • Date of Birth:
  • Club you support: Blackburn Rovers
  • Town: Didcot
  • County: Oxon
  • Country: United Kingdom

Match Details:

  • Match Date:09/05/1984
  • Match:Anderlecht vs Tottenham Hotspurs
  • Match Type:uefa cup final 1st leg
  • Score:1-1
  • Stadium:Brussels

Ade Dawkes's Story

What a game what a day! I started my trip to Belguim on Wednesday morning at 2.00am from Dover me & my mate Spud were going abroad for the first time we were both 19 he supported Man Utd! & I must confess was at the time a Spurs fan we got to oostend at 6am to be met by Riot police! they pushed us on to a cattle train and we slowly made our way to the capital, we arrived some 2 hours later only to be met by more riot police! this time with dogs with big teeth and loud barks! it was strange because even that early in the morning we were allowed to head off to the stadium where to be honest Spurs had taken it over! we had a quick bite to eat then off to the bars, we stayed in one from 11 till about 20 mins to kick off, we were very drunk but all was good humour with the locals exchanging scarves shirts & stories of how us english were going to stuff them! leaving the bar we were met by Yes you guessed it more riot police who charged us for no reason and beat the crap out of us! (I Still have the bump on my head today!) we were frog marched into the ground that to be fair was bearly 2nd division standard, not much segragation so voilence erupted all night the police did not have a clue! that is one reason why I beleive even to this day that the belgiums have no idea about crowld control & that was a part of the reason of what happened in brussels the year after between Juvents & Liverpool in the european cup final!, Any way the game its self was a tence one but when Spurs scored it went mental in the spurs end even the rain could not dampen the mood even Tolborne head scored for the spurs that was unheard of ! Anderlecht scored close to the end but Paul Millers away goal had us celerbrating well into the night in brussles my mate & I got split up he ended up going home on the night ferry but I shall we say shacked up with some bird and didnt get back to the uk till the Friday ! What a game! What a Fu*k!