Old Football Programmes
  • Name: Martin Day
  • Date of Birth: 29/03/1949
  • Club you support: Fulham
  • Town:
  • County: cheshire
  • Country: United Kingdom

Match Details:

  • Match Date:26/12/1962
  • Match:Fulham vs Ipswich Town
  • Match Type:league
  • Score:10-1
  • Stadium:craven cottage

Martin Day's Story

Ipswich were the champions from 1961..we went to the cottage on boxing day to see our team 5-0 at half time 10-1 at full time scorers were Graham Leggatt(4),Bobby Howfield(3),Alan Mullery(1),Johnny Haynes(1)and Bobby Robson(1),guess whet we went home happy,until the next day when we lost the return 4-2.